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360 is the home of preventative education and effective treatment for common mental health issues.

We work full spectrum with psychological, emotional, physical and behavioral health using effective, guaranteed interventions.  We provide preventative education and treatment interventions for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups who want to ensure their wellbeing, resilience and collaboration improves.

We are a non profit organisation established in 1981* and are currently applying for Social Enterprise CIC status.

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Our coaching clarifies your personal and professional focus and goals, giving you a crystal clear process of development that ensures you are grounded, energized and assertive; moving through life with a healthy and sustainable momentum, working collaboratively with yourself and others. You will identify the patterns that create developmental stuckness and address the root cause of these psychological and emotional processes.

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Our therapies enables you to become aware of the psychological and emotional processes that are impeding your ability to engage in life with energy, resilience, assertiveness, self respect and confidence. We offer individual and unique combinations of safe and effective talking therapies that are tailored to your personality and learning style, ensuring improvement in your all round wellbeing.

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Our training ensures your team (work or home) develops a collaborative dynamic that is effective, encouraging, creative and energizing, moving through each day with a healthy, sustainable momentum, embracing tasks with a positive and confident attitude.  When we are part of a collaborative team daily life runs smoother and our all round wellbeing improves. Our education is accessible for all personalities and learning styles.

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Some of the organisations we are delighted to have worked in collaboration with:

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