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360 is the home of preventative education and effective talking treatments that develop and improve all round wellbeing.

We work full spectrum with psychological, emotional, physical and behavioural health using effective, safe and practical styles of coaching, therapy and education.  We provide preventative development and treatment interventions for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups who would like to grow their resilience, confidence, collaboration, assertiveness,  respect for self and others and their creativity.

Humans are holistic and when we identify and understand the personal concepts that encourage and discourage health, we can then develop an internal culture that improves our All Round Wellbeing.

Treatment Interventions

Many wellbeing issues and symptoms are labelled as mental ill-health.  Professional or self diagnosis can enable, narrow or negate understanding the unique holistic picture which is essential if you  want to encourage realistic, grounded development and wellbeing improvement.

Preventative Development

For those who wish to proactively manage and develop their psychological & emotional health, we provide effective, neurological and psychological coaching/education.  Prevention is more practical than leaving wellbeing issues to reach an acute stage which often causes personal and economic misery and chaos.

We work alongside Corporate Executives/Managers, Insurance Co, GP’s, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Professional and other appropriate associations, bridging the gap between the medical model and the safe and effective models offered by Adlerian Psychology, Integrative Psychotherapy, Practical Mindfulness and Compassionate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Ensuring professionals are ethical, competent, effective and supervised.

The professions we work in are unregulated, if you embark on any work with a therapist, coach or trainer please ensure they are highly experienced, fully accredited by BACP (or other organisations mentioned in Our Ethos & Governing Associations), are clinically supervised e/o week by a qualified supervisor and have a minimum of 25,000 hours experience.  Working with less experienced professionals is an option if they are appropriately supervised in line with the BACP/BABCP trainee process, attending regular training and weekly personal therapy.

Our services and a  list of common labels to clarify our work follows:

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Our services

We work with the 8 spectrums of diagnosis

  • The Depression Spectrum

  • The Mania Spectrum

  • The Anxiety Spectrum

  • The Psychosis Spectrum

  • The Focusing Spectrum

  • The Substance Abuse Spectrum

  • The Autism Spectrum

  • The Personality Spectrum

Everyday language for compromised wellbeing:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • GAD & OCD

  • Addictions & dependency

  • Social Anxiety & Phobias

  • Chaos creation

  • Co-Dependency

  • Panic Disorders

  • PTSD

  • Emotional Eating

  • MUS

  • Perinatal anxiety/depression

  • Biopola PD

  • EUPD

  • Dual Diagnosis

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Equine Professionals

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Organisations we are delighted to have worked in collaboration with include: