At 360 we work with many different people in many different areas in life. For a while now 360 has worked with Bexmin Ltd and we thought this would be a great thing to share!
The managing director of Bexmin has written a piece about their own experience with mental health.

Why not give it a read?


From the Author:

“Ok so here goes…. for a while now I have been (through Bexmin Ltd) doing a lot of work with 360 All Round Wellbeing which is an organisation that specialises in mental health and the prevention of many emotionally crippling mental disorders.
Through this I stumbled upon an online magazine called The Counsellors Cafe and was asked if I would consider sending through my “story”, now I’m not doing this for a pity party or for any other reason than to promote both the magazine and the ongoing struggle that many people with a mental illness face, but I was published! And I thought it would be amazing to share it with all of you!”

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About the Author: