360’s first social media campaign kicks off!

360’s first social media campaign kicks off!

Here at 360 we are always wanting to try something new.

At the beginning of last month we did just that and launched our first ever social media campaign designed to help those who are on the verge of struggling with anxiety by de-escalating them with a few ‘do-it-yourself’ techniques.

We plan to release a picture a day to inspire those around us and/or who are already suffering to try something new themselves.

The campaign is about preventing the creation of excessive anxiety as we believe extreme emotional production is not necessary.  
When we work out what deescalates our anxiety, we can do more of these things regularly.  We may need to clarify what is useful about excessive emotions so we can develop a grounded style. You decide what things in this series deescalates your anxiety, we are all different!

Below we have uploaded a few images from this series as a teaser to hopefully make you want to see more! 

If you wish to follow this campaign go to our Facebook page be clicking here, or follow us on Instagram and twitter @360arw.

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