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We provide a range of therapeutic interventions which ensures you are offered the most useful approach for you, your personality and learning style.  This provides a fertile environment for wellbeing development and offers the best time and financial value.

To date, there are over 500 different styles of talking therapy.  Some are excellent, robustly researched and highly effective.  Some are none of these things and some sit in the middle of this spectrum.  Like any profession, it is essential to be discerning, particularly when working with your psychological and emotional health.  Whatever the school of therapy you engage with, the most essential element is that the therapist is highly trained, experienced, fully accredited (BACP) and regularly supervised by an accredited senior clinical supervisor.

At 360 we only use talking therapies that are effective in developing awareness, stability, self-management, courage and resilience.  This combined with our therapists’ extensive knowledge and experience ensures our approaches will always improve wellbeing.

We offer individual and unique combinations of clinically effective talking therapies that are tailored to your personality and learning style, ensuring you reach your realistic goals. Our Therapies are like going to the ‘gym’ for your psychological and emotional health, having a clear defined structure that will improve your all round wellbeing. We don’t do jargon, we offer practical personal development and teach you how to continue your personal development when our work is finished.

In a nutshell, a skilled therapist helps you tease out what are usual life challenges and how to manage these whilst maintaining a grounded, assertive attitude and how we create further challenges on top of the usual life challenges.

360 Is committed to keeping up to date with relevant aids to help all of our clients, this includes K-9 therapy which we are beginning to introduce and practice regularly.

Please see the sub-pages for information on each style of therapy we offer.