Adlerian (Individual) Psychology

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Adlerian or Individual Psychology (IP) is the groundbreaking work of Alfred Adler and many subsequent specialists.

IP is a grounded approach to understanding human nature and how when we have identified certain aspects of our belief systems and approach to life, we can harness our skills and wisdom and develop what works to support our wellbeing and our collaboration with others.

This is a structured process, with a clear route through several steps of personal development.

If you want to understand what your underlying fears are really about, unpack things that currently don’t make sense to you, strengthen your courage and resilience, learn how to move with the pace of life and go with the flow holding on to your values and beliefs this is the approach for you.

IP is holistic psychology at its best, effective, grounded, practice, educative, exciting, energizing and can be applied to all levels of psychological, emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual health.  It can work with light surface issues as well as deep longer-term core issues.

Like all therapies, the therapy is only as good as the skill and commitment from the therapist and client to the work. Personal Development requires time and energy for it to be effective.  When you work with 360, you will be working alongside a highly experienced, supportive professional who will ensure the work is productive and positive.

Alfred Adler (1870-1937) founded this style of therapeutic intervention identifying several key human elements which when understood and respected lead to the core, long-term development. Adler like many other eminent psychologists believe our wellbeing issues are a mixture of our private logic, our history, and experiences. Adler identified our natural inferiority position and our overcompensation for this, which in turn creates consistent stress, anxiety, depression, co-dependent relationships, addictions.  When we can identify the internal processes that feed this constant re-positioning, we can develop a middle ground culture which means can deal with what life brings remaining grounded, practical, empathetic and assertive.

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