Personal & Professional Coaching

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What is coaching?

Coaching enables a practical solid foundation to our home, work and wider life ensuring we manage our precious energy and time in an effective manner.  Camilla has 37 years of experience and is highly skilled in ‘process clarification’ enabling clients to establish a crystal clear focus, objectives and goals.  The first meeting will establish the realistic focus and aims of our work and the appropriate style of coaching that suites your learning style, your lifestyle and personality.  If coaching is not appropriate at this time we will refer you to another in-house specialist or to an external service.

We offer a unique combination of several eminent coaching theories and styles including Alfred Adler, Anabella Shaked, Stephen Covey and Julian Hall which is pragmatic and productive.  The overall aim is to teach you how to become your own coach so you have the knowledge and tools to support your lifelong development.  We will establish which Life Task you would like to focus on:

Personal Development | Leisure | Parenthood | Work/Career | Extended Family | Finances | Physical Surroundings | Health | Love.

As we are holistic beings whatever area we work with, improvements will extend to all Life Tasks.

What is coaching useful for?

Specific task coaching includes: presentations | interviews | life cross roads | life transitions | changes | pre-marrage or post marrage management | pre or post children management | reflective decision making | managing challenging employees | managing challenging team dynamics | enabling team collaboration | making day to day life run smoother | regaining energy and passion |  hear and now focus | prioritization | communication | listening skills | mental health first aid | work/home life balance | regaining satisfaction | developing resilience & courage | existential crisis.

For us to maintain our mental, emotional and physical health we require an ongoing balance of being in our comfort zone and healthy stretching.  In a culture that is excessively changing and bombarding us with an overwhelming amount of information we require a trained mind to stay grounded, assertive, healthy and focused.  Our coaching will encourage your development ensuring your life runs smoother.

Who do we work with?

Individuals, couples, families, groups.

What types of Coaching do we offer?

We offer a unique range of coaching which includes:

Adlerian | NLP | Relationship | Team Dynamics | Collaboration | Life Style | Life Task | Systemic | Psychological & Emotion Resilience | Neuropsychology | Mindfulness.