Couples Therapy & Coaching

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Alfred Adler said our most challenging Life Task was intimate relationships.  He believed that all of our challenges in life are based in our ability or challenges in connecting and working collaboratively with others.

Couples therapy & coaching is a professional, adult-adult dynamic which will clarify what is working well and the areas that require development.  Many couples want to work collaboratively, however their individual style, private logic, expectations and beliefs about relationships may impede team work and can lead to distress, isolation, dissatisfaction, wellbeing issues and the home culture being tense.

Working with a skillful, supportive, objective professional ensures couples learn what patterns are being played out that impede collaboration and team work. Couples can develop adult-adult communication and maintain a respectful, empathetic, solution focused attitude that ensure life runs smoother.  This means that the limited energy individuals have for this Life Task is focused on developing their relationship and quality of life.  The health of our wider relationships is in direct proportion to the health we have within our primary relationship.

In a culture that is often highly pressurised and chaotic it can be essential for our wellbeing to developing a home culture that is nurturing, empathetic, fun, assertive, organised and practical.

The areas we work with include:

Developing a health collaborative relationship 

Pre-Wedding/commitment coaching

If we understood from a grounded psychological viewpoint what really makes ourselves and our partner’s tick we could avoid so many distresses, failed relationships, unhappy homes, addictions and chaotic home cultures.  When a couple get married/make a long term commitment previous parental ‘tapes’ come into play which unless work with in a objective style can change the relationship into something recognizable.

We will learn together about your individual logic and how you both would like your relationship to develop in line with your values and goals in life. We will teach you how to maintain your relationship coaching when our work has finished.

Healthy Separation/Divorce

When couples have made a final decision to separate/divorce there are many choices of how to manage this often very painful and challenging transition.  Each adult involved has an opportunity to manage this transition with respect for themselves and others and a solution focused approach.  If there are children involved this is an opportunity to model to them how to deal with a massive lifestyle challenge and change.  Children learn through modeling not by being told!