Family Therapy & Coaching

Family Therapy & Coaching 2017-09-12T14:12:11+00:00

When our family team works together in a collaborative manor life is easier, there is more energy to engage in every day tasks.   Team dynamics can be complicated and challenging as individual styles, private logic, expectations and beliefs can impede working together leading to distress, power battles, confrontation, isolation, dissatisfaction, wellbeing issues and the home atmosphere being stuck, tense and/or explosive.

These issues can be increased when a family has separated (for whatever reason) and still wish to maintain connection.  When their are children involved adults have an opportunity to model to the children how to deal proactively with ruptures in relationships and how to maintain a respectful, empathetic, solution focused attitude towards their responsibilities and life tasks. This is not always easy and can be done.  Children learn from what we do not what we say!

When two different family’s come together as one, the negotiation of each individuals place in the team can be very challenging.  Loyalties can be confusing and split and it takes some time for things to settle down into a healthy routine.  Sometimes the dynamic does not settle down which is due to a range of elements, when identified and worked with can shift the family culture towards a healthy style which enables each individual to be them and encourages team work from all.

Family therapy & coaching enables the team to understand the individual and group dynamic and needs.  This leads to ironing out differences and developing a middle ground way of living and working which means that day to day living takes less energy and runs smoother.

Courses of family therapy & coaching range from 4-8 meetings and are only agreed to if all members of the family living together are willing to be present and take part.  Each member of the team has to be interested in things running smoother.