Holistic Psychology

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Holistic psychology is the integration of Eastern and Western philosophies and approaches for managing and developing our relationship with ourselves, others and our lives. It combines Buddhist philosophies, Ayurvedic medicine, food and nutrition, and herbs (when appropriate) to resolve issues that impact on our everyday lives.

Holistic psychology is a culmination of Camilla’s extensive research and experience in health care. This richly woven blanket of therapy is coupled with Camilla’s ability to fully connect with each client and be totally focused on their wellbeing and their realistic goals.

Camilla describes holistic therapy as a gym for psychological, emotional and spiritual health.  Commitment is required to get results. If a commitment is made, results are guaranteed!

If you would like to work in this way, we would meet for an initial appointment and discuss if this is the best programme in terms of your current presenting issue and your realistic goals.

What would I use it for?

  • Self-understanding
  • Self-development
  • Strengthening of skills
  • Development of individual spiritual beliefs/connection
  • Strengthening of confidence
  • Clarity of direction (personally/professionally)
  • Strengthening relationship with self/others
  • Embedding self-encouragement
  • Development of self-care
  • Creating spiritual practices
  • Life engagement
  • Connecting with your heart
  • Understanding your values and beliefs
  • Developing values and beliefs
  • Passing through grief
  • Embracing change
  • Developing and enhancing individual creativity
  • Developing compassion for self and others
  • Enhancing connectivity to self and others