How to prevent stress

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Stress is an umbrella term which can encompass a concoction of thoughts, emotions and chemical reactions.  If an individuals levels of adrenalin/cortisol are consistently high there will be physical or behavioral consequences or a mix of both which will affect a persons self-image and all other aspects of their lives.

This umbrella term has become a ‘catch it all’ word which can disable or negate the understanding of the intrinsic processes that lead to tension and distress in the mind and body.

The Oxford Dictionaries definition of the noun Stress:
  • Pressure or tension exerted on a material object and/or: A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances

Consistent ‘stress’ is a multi-stepped internal process that is usually created by how we think eg:  excessive worry or worst case scenarios. This creates excessive emotions particularly anxiety or anger, which in turn releases adrenalin/cortisol.  All emotions are natural, healthy and can be excruciating which if we allow will pass.  Feeling consistently anxious is hideous and this pattern can include periods of mild to severe depression.

If we want to develop our wellbeing and prevent consistent internal ‘stress’  it’s useful to identify the purpose of our habitual thinking styles and the extreme emotions that follow.  This knowledge supports our ability to develop thinking habits that balance our mind and mood.  Our view at 360 ARW is first we need to separate the reality of what is external pressure and what is internal tension.  This in itself can be empowering as immediately we can begin to identify what we can and cannot do with the external pressure, and what we can do about our internal processes.

Some find dropping the word ‘stress’ and clearly naming what they are thinking or feeling into a conversation improves their wellbeing.  Of course, we need to make discerning decisions about what we share with whom!

If you have conditional thinking that insists that you must be consistently distressed eg: ●I cannot relax until ●I won’t feel ok unless ●I cant be comfortable because ●I won’t enjoy any of today unless ●I would be happy if only ●Im not able to be confident ●Im a born worrier and cannot change ●My mood is dependent on others so its out of my control, then you may want to invest some time and energy to develop habits that will change your internal culture.  Nobody is born with conditional thinking, the good news about that is we can develop new styles of thinking!

Development is possible for all of us, we are amazing, creative beings!

To learn more about preventing stress you might want to try watching this clip: