Integrative Counselling

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Integrative Counselling

Counselling is another term for Psychotherapy. These approaches provide a nurturing, encouraging professional relationship; the sole purpose is improving your wellbeing.

Counselling/Psychotherapy is a difficult process to explain as it works on many different levels and can be profoundly encouraging, enabling the client to find a place of grounded confidence in themselves and strategies that generally support their wellbeing.

This process, like all process, is developmental.  What that means is there is a start, middle and end of the work.  There is a focus and some set goals for the work, which may change.

Talking therapy is like going to the gym, for your psychological and emotional health.  In the same way, we exercise physically if we want to maintain or improve our physical health.  We also know that when we improve our physical health, we feel better psychologically and emotionally.

The same goes for counselling/psychotherapy; when we engage in regular talking exercise, our health will improve in some way in all areas.

Working with a skilled therapist ensures we become consciously aware of many unconscious patterns, beliefs, and unfinished business that is disabling us from moving forward someway in life.  We offer Integrative Counselling which is a blended mix of Adlerian, Humanistic, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, CBT, Buddhist Psychology.  The blend offere depends on an indivudals learning style, presenting situation, and how they like to work.

There are no magic wands, we cannot change the past, we can ensure it does not adversely affect today and our future.  We can identify and understand what our specific base fears are, enabling and empowering us to be less affected by external attitudes or events that previously would have had a dramatic effect.

We may need to work through some unresolved bereavement, or grief that is disabling you in your current life.  With a skillful therapist, this journey will be possible knowing that you are supported each step of the way ensuring you move towards and through closure, which for ongoing wellbeing is an essential process to complete.

You may want to understand patterns of thinking, emotions, behavior that you don’t get.  Once you can see why these patterns exist, you have the opportunity to encourage the patterns that support your wellbeing.  This, in turn, means you are channeling less energy into the patterns that discourage your wellbeing.  This approach will guarantee long-term improvements.

Therapy is based on the philosophy that our wellbeing is compromised when we are disintegrated and discouraged.  Therapy is the process of encouraging internal integration and collaboration. When our head and heart are working together as a collaborative team we are at ease in our own skin, this is the easiest way to travel, we have the least amount of resistance within.   The more integrated we are, the more we can access all of our skills and attributes, enabling flexibility in how we communicate and behavior so we can move in the flow of life, feeling confident and competent.

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