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All round wellbeing is proportionate to effectiveness and enjoyment at work.

If you are a manager you have many, consistent demands to meet.  You are multi-skilled and talented,  managing many areas including team dynamics, client relationships, negotiating, prospecting, setting/meeting targets, sales planning, IT development, process development, working with those who you manage and those who manage you.  When juggling so many areas your psychological, emotional and physical health are your foundations to your effectiveness, enjoyment and satisfaction at work which of course has an impact on your home life and personal relationships.

We provide coaching, mentoring and development processing which will enable development of your professional and personal elements ensuring your life to runs smoother. Your aims and objectives will be individual, examples may include:

  • De-escalate your stress/anxiety
  • Identify and develop the patterns that create excessive stress
  • Smooth out relationships that are challenging.
  • Sit alongside another maintaining an encouraging style whilst maintaining your focus on the meeting goals
  • Managing employees who work against their colleagues
  • Create space in your mind
  • Remain focused and on track with your tasks
  • Flexibility to reprioritise tasks when appropriate
  • Move towards and through tasks with a clear, assertive, grounded manner
  • Develop behaviours that support and strengthen your wellbeing
  • Delegate tasks consistently
  • Community in a style that develops collaboration, enthusiasm and respect
  • Appropriately respond to employees experiencing mental health issues

We have developed a multi-modal approach which combines stages of change, cognitive and behavioral theory,  social learning, individual psychology, solution-focused psychology, the process construct and biopsychosocial models which are underpinned by Adlerian Psychology, CBT, Humanistic Psychology and Mindfulness development process.  There is no one theory or model that suite all individuals or organisations, to gain long-term development bespoke approaches are required.

We look forward to hearing from you and establishing a collaborative relationship which will improve your all round wellbeing.