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Connecting the Community!
Newmarket InterFaith Forum is designed to connect those in and around Newmarket, no matter what their faith or beliefs.
NIFF would like to set up a community of events that are open to all which highlight the very essence of a thriving and loving community.

Newmarket InterFaith Forum

Facebook: @NIFFcommunity | Newmarket InterFaith Forum

We are excited to announce NIFF.  Our aim is to offer the opportunity for individuals and families to connect, spend time together with friends, make new friends and enjoy the rich mix of cultures, faiths, philosophies, religions, and beliefs that are within our local communities.  Connecting with humans (animals and nature) is far more than just nice!  It is a fundamental requirement for a healthy developing mind.

Connection to others gives the opportunity to develop ourselves, protect our mental health, develop respect, understanding kindness, compassion, empathy, assertiveness, resilience and ultimately grow within ourselves, meeting our human need to be alongside others in a collaborative style.

We live in an age of paradox, they have an unprecedented virtual connection through electronic means and unprecedented loneliness which can be excruciatingly painful.  Humans are not built to be lonely!  To maintain a healthy mind we need to connect, believe we count, feel we are contributing and know we are capable.  Our aim through this forum is to offer an encouraging culture and bring together anybody who wishes to connect and develop our community together.  Our facebook page which was kindly designed by Becca Spinks of Bexmin Ltd will list local events and a monthly post of religious/spiritual days.