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Racing is steeped in history, built on passion, love of horses, expertise, determination and resilience. It is dynamic, challenging, exhilarating, very physically/mentally demanding and reliant on collaborative team work in the yard and between human and horse.

Giving the best performance is the goal. There are no guarantees of success; what we we can do is take responsibility for providing the best conditions for ourselves and our horses.

At On Form we are delighted to work with the dedicated, talented, skilled people in racing enabling individuals and teams to develop the best conditions to perform.

We offer preventative education to protect your mental health and effective treatment for common mental health issues including: anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, damaging weight management. Mind and body work as one and we want both to be On Form.


Our coaching clarifies your personal and professional focus and goals, giving you  a clear process of development that ensures you are grounded, energized and assertive.

When we operate in this way, we can move through life with a healthy and sustainable momentum, working collaboratively with others to achieve daily tasks and strategic planning. We will agree achievable goals and ensure you reach them.


Our therapies enable you to become aware of the psychological and emotional processes that are impeding your ability to engage in life with energy, resilience, assertiveness, self-respect and confidence.

We offer individual and unique combinations of clinically effective talking therapies that are tailored to your personality and learning style, ensuring you reach your realistic goals. Our Therapies are like going to the ‘gym’ for your psychological and emotional health, having a clear defined structure that will improve your all round wellbeing. We don’t do jargon, we offer practical personal development and teach you how to do this effectively for yourself.


Our training enables your team (work or home) to develop a collaborative dynamic that is enjoyable, effective, encouraging, solution focused, creative and energizing.

Teams that work in this way embrace each day with a healthy, sustainable momentum, embracing tasks and challenges with a positive and confident attitude.  When we are part of a collaborative team daily life runs smoother and our all round wellbeing improves. Our training is accessible, pragmatic and down to earth, suiting all personalities and learning styles.

Are you in crisis, suicidal or self-harming?

You do not have to work through this time alone.

Please telephone either:

  • A friend or family member.
  • The local Crisis team (Suffolk: 0300 123 1334).
  • The Police.
  • Samaritans: 24/7 helpline 116 123 or email: [email protected] 
  • Racing Welfare 24/7 helpline 0800 6300 443.

If you are safe to travel please visit one of the below or ask someone to take you:

  • Visit your GP.
  • Visit a friend or family member.
  • Visit your local Accident & Emergency Department.