Our Ethos & Governing Associations

Our Ethos & Governing Associations 2017-10-03T07:50:07+00:00

Governing Associations

Each team member works alongside and is governed by either the: BACP, UKCP, BA Anger Management, BABCP who have strict codes of ethics and accountability.

Ethos of 360 All Round Wellbeing

In a nutshell

To leave behind us, a wake that is predominantly made up of encouragement and respect.

For our clients:

We know humans can develop; we employ all our artistry in enabling clients to connect to and experience their values, capabilities, skills, competency, logical and heart-centered thinking; we enable our clients to make their internal and external worlds run a little smoother and improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

We offer pragmatic education; many wellbeing issues are preventable.

We want to do our part in deescalating the impact of personal and economic misery, and chaos that wellbeing issues can create.

For our profession:

We wish to refresh the view of therapy and offer Adlerian Psychology, CCBT and Integrative Counselling models as a bridge that could connect psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and complementary therapists.

We want to encourage our culture to ditch the label ‘Mental Health’.  The historical connotations and misrepresentation of information under this label can narrow or negate healthy development and healing.

We want to encourage our culture to use the label All Round Wellbeing (or something similar); look at individuals and their symptoms from a holistic, pragmatic, empathic, collaborative and assertive viewpoint that encourages realistic development.

For our economy:

We want to play a part in alleviating the pressure the NHS mental health services are under, namely the consistent increase in clients and reduction of extraordinary and dedicated staff.

We want to play a part in reducing the UK current mental health cost of £100billion pa, which is currently projected to rise at substantial rates year on year.

For us:

We know that offering work that encourages connection, love and respect between people, our local communities and the global community is healthy for our development, we love what we do and are honored to work with others in this way.