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We offer a range of effective personal and professional development workshops.  To provide the best conditions for our psychological health we need a combination of being in our comfort zone and stretching ourselves.  Encouraging training stretches us and is empowering, exciting, inspiring and energizing.  When we engage with this style of training learning is effective and we can take what is useful and thread it into our every day lives guaranteeing healthy development.  Healthy development means can work collaboratively with those we live and work with. The more collaborative we are the less issues, chaos and challenges we cause ourselves and others.  Collaboration means we work along side each other focusing on the overall aim of our relationship. It means we can be individual and co-operative.

We offer a range of core workshops which are bespoke to meet your organisational requirements.  Our courses include:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
  • How and why we creative excessive anxiety/stress.
  • Positive psychology & coaching.
  • Five key challenges for lawyers and practice solutions.
  • Living well in the 21c Century.
  • Collaborative group dynamics.
  • Employee engagement & retention.
  • Preventing mental ill health.
  • Mental health first aid.
  • How to deal with challenging employees.
  • Proactive anxiety management.
  • Proactive depression management.
  • Proactive stress management.
  • Prevent: taking care of your Mental Health.
  • How to develop a collaborative family team.
  • Working with challenging attitudes and behavior.