There is no such ‘thing’ as stress!

There is no such ‘thing’ as stress!

So what is going on?

Stress is a word often used for describing how we and our lives feel. ‘Stress’ is an umbrella term that encompasses internal and external elements; mind, mood, body, behaviour and external pressures. The label ‘stress’ can be used as a scapegoat giving us permission to ●avoid things ●blame something/someone ●do things that cause us/another harm ●or do nothing to improve our wellbeing. One of my favourites scapegoats is “I need to eat chocolate” which of course is never true despite being a yummy avoidance or pacifying tactic! One day I will develop this to “I’d like to have a jog”; my growth is ongoing!

Consistent ‘stress’ is a multi-stepped internal process that is usually created by how we think eg: excessive worry or worst case scenarios. This creates excessive emotions particularly anxiety and or anger, which in turn releases adrenalin/cortisol. All emotions are natural, healthy and can be excruciating which if we allow will pass. Feeling consistently anxious is hideous and this pattern can include periods of mild-severe depression.

If we want to develop our wellbeing it’s useful to identify the purpose of our habitual thinking styles and the following extreme emotions. This knowledge supports our ability to develop habits that balance our mind and mood. One key element in this process is learning how to separate external pressure from how we feel internally.

An experiment in this style could include dropping the word ‘stress’!

Development is required if we have conditional thinking that insists we must be distressed eg: ●I cannot relax until ●I won’t feel ok unless ●I cant be comfortable because ●I won’t enjoy any of today unless ●I would be happy if only ●Im not able to be confident ●Im a born worrier and cannot change ●My mood is dependent on others so its out of my control.

Development is possible for all of us, we are amazing, creative beings!

This is a recent article published in Moulton Matters (Newmarket Suffolk).

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